Monday, September 3, 2007


We went to see Yilankale pronounced Yill ann CALL ee (or "Snake Castle") today. The legends surrounding it are all about snakes, so of course we Carpenters HAD to go see it! =) It was built about 900 years ago, supposedly by a man that people belived was half snake. It was said that he would inforce his will with snakes. But who doesn't?

The path up to the top started out deceptively easy. Then the pavement ended! But we all did okay. Even Bennett. Hayden had the sweetest ride. He was just carried up! You can tell in all the pictures, we are completely dying of heat. It was 102 degrees with pretty much no shade. (Yeah, yeah, I know, to all you Arizona people, 102 is nothing! But I wish you could see what I mean. It doesn't sound all that hot, but I have never experienced sun like this. It is indescribable! Everyone warned us that the sun is more intense here, but wow! It's like you can feel it shining on your internal organs!) I have never in my life lived in a place so hot and humid (it was 92% today!) But hey! I'll be bragging about the temperature in January! =) Maryn and Michael really checked out every nook and cranny. The boys and I decided the shade was more fun! (In my defense - I had carried the baby up! Okay- so Michael and I took turns, but I'm still going to whine!)

There was a small cafe at the bottom of the path, so we had some lunch and some frukto and yedigan (basically orange soda and sprite respectively - just not so sweet)

We had to get out of the sun and rest, because poor little Dallen was about to collapse! He had been climbing like a mountain goat, and really made himself sick. In fact, half way through his lunch, he ran to the little cement wall behind us and gave his sandwich back to a tree. Poor kid! When he finished, I cleaned him up and had him sit down. He looked at me with a pale face and in a shaky voice said, "Well, now my tummy has lots more room for candy." I guess he's just looking on the bright side, right? =)

So that was our adventure - tune in tomorrow for another exciting episode! I'm still bugging Michael to write his experience in the 500 year old Turkish Bath House.

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