Thursday, February 26, 2009

How to make an E

As we were getting ready for bed the other night, Bennett said "Mom, look" and I looked and saw him sitting like this.

"I can make an E. Well, my head is too short, so maybe its an F, but then it is an upside down F. How about an A?" So of course I cracked up and ran for the camera. He then obliged me by showing his A making skills.

It has also been brought to my attention (by my wonderful husband) that I never sufficiently bragged about the Christmas present I received from aforementioned wonderful husband. So here it is....
In my defence, I had received it a little late, and then I just forgot. Do you remember all the times I have mentioned that the Turks don't really pay attention to deadlines? This is another one of those times. But who am I to complain? I have an awesome cabinet for my stamps!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Alacakaranlik - Finally!

I took my sweet little aforementioned pre-teen to see Twilight (or "Alacakaranlik" in this country - pronounced al uh ja CAR ahn lick - in Turkish the C makes a juh sound). Even though we are halfway across the world, it is still causing a stir here too.

I enjoyed the books, and Maryn desperately wants to read them, because most of her friends have. But I personally do not think the third and fourth books in the series are appropriate for an eleven year old. I told her I would let her read the first one, possibly the second, but then she would have to wait. She opted to wait until she can read all four in order. To take the sting out of it, we compromised with seeing the movie together. We went with a good friend of mine who happens to have a daughter that is a good friend of Maryn's. I love it when that happens! =)

We had a great time being silly for the evening. Maryn wouldn't do this for the shot Kim wanted, (though I am sure she wanted to!) so I did, and thoroughly embarrassed her. Isn't that my job? Besides, the Turks expect us to be odd. (Which is why they follow us around with their cell phone cameras -as if we don't see them.) I say, give the people what they want. =)