Sunday, September 9, 2007

Branch Conference

Yesterday we had the adult session of Branch Conference. We do not belong to a Stake, so it was just our little branch. We met in a meeting room at the Hilton in downtown Adana. We had to register under "LDS Charities" for safety's sake. It was a very spiritual meeting. Elder Wolfgang Paul of the Seventy spoke to us. He spoke about the "Zero Factor". He made an analogy with math. Giving the examples that 2x2 is 4, 4x2 is 8, 8x2 is 16, etc... all the way up to 128. Then he asked "What is 128x0?". He made the point that with one mistake, all that you had before is lost. He went on to say that because of Christ's Atonement, we can start over and begin multiplying again - but how better off would we have been if we had kept our original 128. And multiplied from there. He told the story of a man who, at 75 years old made a mistake serious enough to be excommunicated. He had been an Area Representative and a Bishop. The man was angry that those things didn't factor in to his discipline hearing, and stayed bitter an unrepentant. Elder Paul encouraged us to endure to the end and stay vigilant. It doesn't matter how much service we've given, how many callings we've held, how many times we've studied the scriptures. All it takes is one zero to take that all away. It was very inspiring!

After the hour meeting (everything is shorter here) we all went to this great restaurant right on the water. They served kepaps (shish kebab) on these long swords. I have never seen so much food! It was a great night.

Michael left this morning for London. He will be gone till Thursday. He has some certificate training to do. I am so incredibly jealous! I have always wanted to go! His trip is even paid for!! I made him promise to take lots of pictures.

Also, our belongings are due to arrive this week. It will be just my luck they will come before he gets back! =) But hey, I'd rather have it here!!!


Cousin Carie said...

I love reading how you are doing. It sounds like such an adventure you are having with your family. All of the little cousins are getting older. It is fun to see everyone grow up. We don't get to see too many folks being down south in Tucson. Sometimes I think everyone thinks they need a visa to get in the borders of Tucson! Just kidding! Keep the updates coming! They are fun to read.
Cousin Carie

pepper said...

wow so fun to see you blogging about all this!