Friday, November 13, 2009

More advice from an expert letter-maker

For those of you that enjoyed our "How to make an E" post, here are a few more expertly crafted letters for you.

An X

An A
And a lower case b
Please do not try this at home. =) Leave it to the professional.

And in other news this week. I dyed my hair. (Okay, so it doesn't really qualify as NEWS per se, but it sure made me happy.) It was much too expensive to keep up the blond, so I went back to my roots - and then realized why I colored my hair in the first place - and then dyed it red. Maryn snapped this of me on my way out the door for date night. Yippee! She is old enough to babysit legally under Air Force rules!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween and the Dark Abyss

Here are a few cute pictures of my kids on Halloween. I think this holiday was actually made up by parents who wanted another excuse to dress up their children and laugh at them.

Dallen was a cowboy (obviously) And Bennett decided he wanted to be a blue crayon. He had actually wanted to be a blue crayon with a machine gun, but I nixed the idea of going door to door with a semi automatic. He never gave up trying to convince me though. His last words as he went out the door were, "Well, here I go. I hope no one tries to color with me. I really should have had that gun."

This isn't actually Halloween. It is a couple days before on Picture Day. I just had to snap some photos though. I was freaking out that I went to bed with four KIDS and woke up with one TEENAGER!!!! AHHHH! I don't have any pictures of Maryn on Halloween because she was off with friends celebrating her last year of trick or treating. She's in Young Women now, time to be the official candy passer-outer.

Captain Underpants and the stinky pumpkin gunk

A frog and his crayon

So that sums up our night of working toward a sugar coma. I also put myself on Facebook this week. Much to the delight of my oldest sister, Queen Facebook. Yes, I have succumbed to the Dark Abyss. Its really not so bad when you see all the company you have. Now I wonder if this will help motivate me to blog more or makes me neglect my blog entirely. (Not that it can be much more neglected.)