Saturday, September 25, 2010


I have spent the last MONTH trying to gain access to my blog again! Let me just tell you there were quite a few tears shed and a whole lot of screams emitted. But, *whew* I think I fixed it! (Fingers crossed)
Anyway, here are the promised photos of Sutton Hoo (But I prefer saying "Sutton Woo" if only to tick off my snarky sister-in-law. See previous post's comments) =)

Hayden was a bit frightened of this Anglican Warrior Mask, until he put it on and decided HE was scary.

Not to be outdone - Bennett wanted to try it on also! Of course it was only AFTER I let my kids pass it around, that I learned some of Dallen's classmates got lice this way. I have been compulsively checking my kids heads for a month now.
Here is Dallen, helping the village slave trader guard his wares and get the best price for them.

And Ben, once again, helps us to add another photo to the album, "Places my kids have dug in the dirt"

Dallen begged me to get a photo of him on this old fishing boat. He said it would make him look like he was sailing. I didn't have the heart to tell him the boat was too far inland to make that illusion. Besides, he is still cute, right?