Thursday, May 29, 2008


Hello again everyone! I really do have a good excuse for my absence this time! =) I was ---(drum roll please) IN AMERICA! Yes, that is right! Completely last minute and very hush-hush, Maryn and I were able to get a seat on a "Space Available" (read: free) military flight. We kept it a secret because we weren't sure it was going to happen. Oh- But it did!!! It was SO wonderful to see some family and friends. The trip was a little crazy, because I had to operate on the Air Force's time table, and we definitely didn't see everyone near as much as we would have wanted to. But I am NOT complaining! The food was even better than I remember it! =) In fact, if I was being truthful, I would have to admit that food is the real reason I went to America. =) I even told my sister-in-law that I embarked on the trip to eat. If I happened to see family while I was eating - then that was a bonus, but really, I came to eat. =)

The surprise of the whole thing was a lot of fun too. Thanks to some sneaky maneuvering on the part of my sisters' husbands, I was able to totally shock them. I was even able to film it! There was a lot of screaming and crying going on. As you can see below! =)

I really wish I could have surprised Abby, my Mom and my In-Laws, BUT there are a lot of blabby people in this world. =) You know who you are!

All in all, the trip was SO awesome! It was so rejuvenating to just hug people and talk, even if it was a little rushed. Everyone kept asking me what I noticed the most about coming back. I think it was the fact that I could actually understand everything that was going on around me. Being able to hear all the "white noise" conversations and actually understand them. Reading street signs and billboards. You really don't notice those things until they are gone. I have gotten so used to just tuning everything here out because none of it makes sense to me. Being in the States was a little bit of sensory overload. =)

The boys did alright with out me, although Bennett told me on the phone a few times that I was "taking too long and long". And Hayden glued himself to my leg upon my return. He was taking NO chances. Michael also did fine. I left him in the capable hands of our Housekeeper/Nanny, and she made sure everything ran smoothly.

I feel refreshed, renewed, and ready to tackle this adventure again!