Friday, July 10, 2009

Plop goes the kitty

This is probably cruel of me, but I just thought this was so hilarious. We were outside sorting and cleaning our porch to get ready for the move. Well.... Hayden thought he'd do some sorting of his own. I ran for the video camera, and allowed him to do it one more time for posterity.

This will most likely be our last post in Turkey. As of Monday, our computer will be packed on a crate and our internet will be turned off. We will still check messages on our VOIP phone, so call if you need us. We will try to post updates of our trip on the laptop as we drive, but I am not really sure how accessible internet will be. At least till we get to Austria. (I consider that re-entering civilization) =)

For those of you who have asked - Yes, we are going to try and change the name of our blog when we get to England. Does anyone have any clever suggestions? So far the kids have come up with "English Muffins" (Mostly because Dad's pet name for any one of us is "Muffin" - That started out as a joke that has gotten WAY out of hand) So please - send your ideas.

Wish us luck! England Ho!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The actual results of being married to a push-over

So last week the gardener decided to shake out an old tarp that had been sitting in our garage so he could fold it up. To his great surprise, five tiny kittens and a hissing mama cat went flying every which way. He felt horrible and gathered them up and then came to get us. I was all for calling the vet.....BUT I am married to Michael. The person who loves animals so much he almost became a wildlife biologist instead of a doctor. AND I am the mother of his children who have apparently inherited this weakness. So now we have a family of cats living on our back porch. (I flat out refused to have them in the house)

I am comforting myself with the knowledge that we absolutely cannot take any of them with us. First of all, we don't want a cat in the car on a two week trip, and second of all we would have to pay upwards of $6,000 dollars per animal to have them quarantined and checked over in Britain. (This is required for any animal coming from Turkey - so most people with beloved family pets start saving early or try not to be assigned to Britain) Even my animal loving husband isn't willing to pay that much for a cat that showed up at our house four weeks before we leave.

We will call the vet when we have to leave so that they aren't hanging around an empty house waiting to be fed. But the family is enjoying them while they are here.
My husband is such a marshmellow.