Sunday, March 29, 2009

Strange Dreams and Busted Chins

So yesterday we had a small emergency in our little family. Dallen decided to show Bennett how to bump set a volley ball, and he slipped and landed chin first on the sidewalk. As he stood up with blood running down his neck, he said, "Well Ben, it's like that except the falling." And Ben says, "Good, 'cause I don't like bleeding."

Well, he had given himself quite the gaping gash, so we loaded everyone up for an after hours trip to the clinic. We were able to take Maryn, Bennett, and Hayden to my friend Angie, so they were spared the whole experience. Unfortunately, I wasn't. Michael -wanting to be kind to his nurse - decided not to call her in, and just use me instead - forgetting that there is a reason I didn't become a nurse. I am proud to say that I didn't pass out - not even when I watched the needle and thread going in and out of my baby. And not only did I not pass out, I did a pretty fine job of sponging the wound and handing tools to my husband. (If I do say so myself) But no, I will never willingly do it again.

The real trooper was Dallen, he held so still and tried so hard not to cry. I told him, "Remember, being brave doesn't mean you aren't afraid - it just means you are afraid and you do it anyway." And of course, true to form he ran out to play baseball with Angie's kids as soon as we arrived to pick up his siblings. Nothing stops him for long.

I also had a pretty funny dream last night. I think the stress of planning our trip to Israel is finally getting to me. I dreamt that I was at my sister Dolly's house making last minute preparations for Dallen's baptism. Apparently my sister now lives in Galilee, in a HUGE house no less. Because it was big enough that the basement was the gymnasium of my elementary school in Tulsa, Oklahoma. (She must have liked it enough to build an exact replica into her home) =)

As I was bustling through the house checking on people and making plans for the luncheon after the ceremony, I kept running into all sorts of people who had arrived to celebrate with me. My cousins Mandy, Tammy, Amy, and Becky had all come with their families. My best friends from PA were there- Shannon, Jen, Dina, and Lisa. A bunch of the Colorado folk were there including Russ, Kelly, Greg and Karla who brought their babies. All of my siblings were there, and a bunch of Michael's, plus his cousins. And as each person showed up, I kept worrying about the luncheon. Dolly just said, "I'll just add more food and build more rooms". (She has always been so helpful!) =)

Then right before I woke up, we were all trying to load into cars and drive out to the baptism, and I realized I didn't have any white clothes for Dallen to wear. I told Dolly she needed to take me to Target. She said, "That is too far out of the way, but there is a Super Wal-Mart on the way to the River Jordan. We will just stop there." "Perfect" I said, and then I started loading my family into a bus.

Wouldn't Freud have a field day with that! I prefer to think it was a vision, instead of just a dream, so therefore all of you that appeared in it have to show up now. =) Oh, and Dolly has to build an expanding mansion somewhere in Galilee. I guess I also need to contact some CEO somewhere about building a new Super Wal-Mart. Do you think they could have it done in two weeks? =)

Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Final!!

Guess what everyone?! We received notice that we are definitely going to Lakenheath, England next!! We were pretty sure all along, but you never know with the Air Force. =) We leave here August 1st, and we are required to report no later than August 31st.

In between those two dates, we will be packing ourselves into our crossover and driving up through Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria (where I will sing "Edelweiss" just to say I did), Germany, Belgium, (where I will have a waffle - just to say I did), France and then across to Britain.

Michael has already printed stacks of information from Wikipedia and and he is gleefully putting together an itinerary of castles and WWII sites to drag me to. It really brings home the meaning of "a kid in a candy store." Although I must admit, I am excited to see Dracula's castle. And really, I won't be able to complain, I am after all planning on embarrassing him thoroughly with all my ridiculous stereotypical touristy nonsense. Maybe after singing Edelweiss, I will have my children march along the fountain in Mirabell Gardens and sing "Do-Ri-Me" like the von Trapps. But we will see if my dear husband snaps before then.

I can hardly believe we are on the edge of our next big adventure. It seems crazy to me that it has been almost two years! I have to admit I am relieved that this next adventure involves living in an English-speaking country with public toilets that are more than just a hole in the ground.

I'll keep you all posted as our plans solidify. But first, I am concentrating on our trip to Jerusalem. Four weeks and counting!