Sunday, August 16, 2009

On the road again

Are you ready for more? For those of you just now checking the blog, get comfortable, because there is a lot to read! Michael sacrificed his time in Vienna to take the kids to a few things that they would want to do. Like the zoo. He figured he only had one day in Vienna, and he wanted to see everything, so he will just come back with his sister. What do you think of THAT, Analee?
Besides, there was only some silly Mozart festival going on.....

The lion cages at the Vienna Zoo. Those are some pretty cute lions!

I think the squirrels in the zoo are a little used to humans, don't you?

Hayden spent the better part of the morning asking to see the bears, when we finally got to their pen, he didn't even look at them! Because if there is one thing that distracts my boy -it is heavy machinery. The were doing construction outside of the Bear cage, so that is all he wanted to watch! Zoo entrance fee - there is money well spent.

Dallen the Turtle

If you pull on the ropes, the bird's wings flap and you get a ride.
Speaking of money well spent and heavy machinery. This one really worked, and Hayden was in paradise!

This little patch played music when you stomped on it.

Creating worlds at the Vienna Zoo.

Relaxing after a long hard day of touring the zoo and digging in the dirt.

Kreuzenstien Castle. It was neat to see, but this was a difficult stop for the kids. The only way you could see the castle was by a guided tour and they were only in German. (The tour guide was also very snappy with the kids - Okay lady - my toddler probably wouldn't be completely silent through your spiel even if he could understand you! So calm down!) Anyway - I helped pass the time by interpreting. No, I don't know German, but I think my version of the tour was more entertaining.

The armory

Running down the hill in Durnstien Austria. You know you have been driving too long, when your two year old sees your car and yells, "Yay! Our car home! We're home!"

Durnstien Castle. King Richard the Lion Heart (A Carpenter ancestor - Michael is quick to point out) was imprisoned here.

The hike up was a killer, but the view was amazing. The problem is, two year olds don't care about views. So I ended up sitting on the path with Hayden waiting for the others when he flat out refused to climb another step. He even told me to go on without him.

Mommy saw this picture AFTER Daddy had taken it. You let them climb, WHERE?

At Schonnbrun Castle, the kids were able to load a cannon and shoot into a pile of tin cans. Are you nervous about Hayden with a hammer? Because I am. And Maryn definitely is.

Chess, anyone?

How about Chopsticks?

This is the best castle ever! It has a cannon AND a playground!? Those medieval kids were so spoiled!

Bennett has decided his new favorite thing is hedge mazes. But he likes the ones he can see over best. (Aren't those technically just hedges?)

Austria's largest Cathedral in Linz. The kids were most impressed by the fountain in the square.

Few things are sweeter than hearing Hayden sing "I Am A Child of God" in a Gothic Cathedral. (He found a book of Hymns on the pew)

The view from the highway on our way to Halstatt, Austria. Michael was right, this is even better than Brasov.

I really wanted to stay there, but Michael said it was out of the way. I never get to go anywhere fun. (She said as she drove from Turkey through Austria on her way to England.)
Only four more days left on our trek. I think we are all getting to the end of our patience. Bennett asked me yesterday, "Mom, how many more hotels do we have to sleep in?" I didn't have the heart to explain to him that we will actually be in a hotel in England until we find a house. I'm pretty sure he thinks that when we arrive there, we will just go to a house with all of our stuff in it. Wouldn't that be nice?


Blog Buddy said...

This is the trip of a life time! These kids are going to have so many stories to tell later:) Love the Hayden "singing in the cathedral" picture-priceless♥

The Valentine's said...

My kids got very use to room service and the breakfast offered each morning at the hotel we lived in. They were happy to get back into their own beds though! Safe travels.

Debbie D said...

Wow, what adventures your family has. Your kids will have such great memories of growing up. I'm glad you get to the last leg of your journey soon :)

Anonymous said...

Having read your blog i have to commend you! You are providing such a life for your children one i wish my parent had. You show them how much you love them, you want to show them the world even, its pretty amazing and an unique thing to see. I wish you every look in the future and hope that someday I could provide such a fabulous home for my family


p.s love the hair hehe :-)