Monday, August 17, 2009

And Again...

Are you getting sick of me yet? Can you believe I have actually kept up a consecutive account of our trip? This has got to be some sort of new record.
The view from our hotel balcony in Halstatt.

Halstatt was Michael's favorite place. If the kids thought they were sick of him taking pictures before...

Getting ready to go into the Salt Mine. Michael and the bigger kids had to put on protective clothing and walk down the shaft. Mom and Hayden stayed behind because you had to be 4 to go inside. Maybe next time Mom will be old enough.

Inside the Halstatt Salt Mine.

Halstatt Salt Mines Railway

I told you, he only climbs when great bodily harm is a possible result.

Halstatt Square's Plaque Column

Michael couldn't understand why I didn't want to go inside the Carnal House. Hmmmm...a place where the townsfolk put the remains of all their dead because they don't have enough land to bury them in. Did he just meet me?

Good-bye and thank-you, Halstatt! Here we come Salsburg.


angie said...

I just finished reading and looking at your journey. Looks like you guys have had an amazing time. Lots to see!!

Blog Buddy said...

Amazing spots to see:) I'd imagine a doctor wouldn't mind the skulls laying on the shelves-Fascinating! -And knowing you can't watch Indiana Jones and the Temple of's no surprise that he went alone...with your little ones!

The Valentine's said...

You are like the Von Trapp family, only no singing and fleeing from the Nazis. It is a weak comparison I know. Love the pictures! Keep it up.

Blog Buddy said...

Thanks for visiting your nephew!!!:) Can't wait to see the pictures-♥