Monday, October 29, 2007

It is what it is

First off, let me say "sorry" for the long absence. Those of you that know our family well, also know that this is the birthday week for all four of my children. So, as you can imagine - I have been up to my eyeballs in treat bags and cupcakes. Every year I swear I'll have just one big party. But every year I give in and give them each their own. Usually because I feel Maryn's pain. It is hard being among so many boys. I think her exact quote this year was, "Mom, if we combine the parties then Dallen will be there with a bunch of first grade boys. AND you are giving them all Ninja swords. PLEASE don't do that to me!"

I immediately thought back to a time when I was ten. I had looked up a phone number and was reciting it to myself. As I walked down the hallway on my way to the phone, one by one, all of my brothers descended on me like locusts, pulling me away from the phone and shouting random numbers at me to make me forget what I had been saying. I still don't get why. But for this reason (and many others) my daughter gets her own party each year. =)

Besides - each of the kids requested a different theme. So unless has started making "Princess Ninja Pirate Duck" plates - I am out of luck anyway.

But I digress....

Michael made it back safe and sound. He said he felt "okay" about his test. We will see in three months. (Yes, they make you wait that long for the results. No, I can't believe it either) A huge "Thank-you" to Ken and Ashlee for letting him stay with them in Philly! I am holding you to your promise to come visit! =)

He also said that it was great being back in the U.S. But, he was kind to me and didn't rub in all the Restaurants he visited. Someone asked me once what I miss the most about America. I'd have to say that would be Restaurants. It is not that I don't like Turkish food (I REALLY do) It is just that, that is ALL there is! (Go Figure) I never really thought of that before coming here. In America, if you are in the mood for Thai, Mexican, Burgers, Soup and Sandwiches, whatever - you just go to the appropriate corresponding restaurant. But here, there is Turkish food. (And Taco Bell) It is not that they don't try, but even the "American" food on base ends up tasting Turkish. Because that is who is cooking it!

It is an interesting dynamic. ALL of the restaurants in Adana serve the same thing. The Turks are very traditional. They take a "this is what we have always cooked, and this is what we will always cook" attitude. Believe me, it is cooked VERY well, but sometimes I just want to go to an Applebees! =) I try not to think about the fact that Michael did - like four times!!!

As far as the political situation goes (regarding the Armenian Resolution) - we are still in a "wait and see" mode. Things are a little strained, but most of the Turks in our village are as nervous as we are. If anything happens to the base, their livelihood is gone. Besides - most of them truly do like us and want us here. We did have to be locked on the base a couple of times last week. There were some heated protests about the Turkish soldiers killed near the Iraq border. The protests were not anti-American (the people want the Turkish government to find the Kurdish rebels that did it) but our Base commander wanted to be safe. You never know what kind of looneys show up to those things. Just look at any University campus in California. =)

So unless the Resolution passes, things will stay calm here. Like I told my brother, there is no sense in freaking myself out about it. All I can do is make my opinion known to my elected officials, get my affairs in order, and go on with my life. The rest is completely out of my hands. It helps to remember that The Lord sent us here. I still truly believe that. I just hope He didn't send me here to teach me to not be so attached to my worldly possessions! =)

(Editors Note: The previous paragraphs were written a day before they were posted. We have since learned that Nanci Pelosi got a clue, the Resolution was dropped, and we can all let out our long-held breath.)

We are all well, safe, and happy. I am still trying to get Michael to sit down and write. Not only does he need to write about the Turkish Bath House, but he also attended a traditional wedding on Tuesday. We've got great video of him dancing! =) So far I have been unable to get him to log on. What? Does he think he is BUSY or something?

Oh, and one last thing. We have definitely decided to baptise Dallen in the River Jordan. It is possible with planning, so we are going forward. I mention this now so that anyone that wants to join us in the Holy Land has fair warning. We are looking at setting a date for the second week of November 2008 (Most likely Tuesday the 11th). We are planning on taking tours of the Garden of Gethsemane and Christ's Tomb, etc. So it will definitely be worth it! I can help with finding hotels and stuff, just let me know. I just thought I'd dangle the carrot! =)

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Jennifer said...

You and your family are amazing. It's been great to see you and your family grow and change. November 2008 huh.....hmmmm...sounds like a plan. If you can get me more details, I think I can work that out. Let me know. Love you all!