Thursday, October 11, 2007

Alone again...naturally

I am feeling a bit blue at the moment. My dear husband has flown to America to take his National Board Exam. So, I am anxious for him and feeling down. He will be gone for about 10 days. The test isn't until next week, but the "higher-ups" here wanted him to be well over his jet lag before he sat down to two days of life and death examinations. Okay, maybe not life and death, but certainly career and death. =) Any prayers for him these next few days would be appreciated.

Of course the day he left, was the day my busy-body neighbor decided to freak me out. For those of you that follow politics, there is a resolution before Congress about the Armenian genocide. I won't bore you with long descriptions, but apparently the Turks are VERY upset about it. All of the service members on base received a memo to be cautious and alert because if the resolution passed, there could be demonstrations. We were not placed on lock down or anything, just warned to be on our guard. ANYWAY - this neighbor of mine got me completely freaked out because she is convinced there will be violence and we will have to be evacuated. She was here at the start of the Iraq war, and she was evacuated then. Apparently you get very little notice and you must leave everything behind. They were displaced in Germany for two months before they got the all clear to return to their homes. But of course she darkly pointed out that THIS time it is an issue with the Turks, so we could be kicked out for good. In fact, she said that if that happens, we might never get our things back. "Oh, the Air Force will try to compensate you, but how can you put a price on family heirlooms and photos?"

Yeah, go ahead and just ROCK me to sleep tonight.

Fortunately, I talked to a few other people that told me how unlikely this all really is. But it is still in the back of my head. I still feel so out of place here. The adjusting is harder on me than I thought it would be. I don't know, maybe it is just that my husband is gone again. Just my luck that this all happens right as he leaves. Only 9 more days and counting....


Jaci said...


I follow all things political these days and I've thought of you ever since I heard about this Turkish stuff. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Take care girlfriend. Nine days will go by fast I am sure!


Cousin Carie said...

Hello Linda! I am sorry to hear Michael is away. I understand how you feel. In an effort to make you feel better, I thought I would share the following experience. Alan left for Virginia Aug. of 06 for a training week. Prior to his departure, I had been feeling off, and not quite sure why. He left on Sunday and was supposed to return Friday. Friday morning my friend and I were going to take our annual trip to Wilcox, Arizona to pick tomatoes and apples to can them. Wilcox is a wonderful little agricultural community and it is lovely to go there and get back to nature. My kids got up at 7 am that morning and as I arrose I had that lovely urinary tract infection feeling! I was trying to get the kids ready for school but by 7:10am I knew things weren't going well. I called my friend and asked her to take my kids to school while I called the doctor for some medicine. At 7:22am it hit! I was walking into the living room and had to stop at the table and have Jacob, my 9 year old at the time, call 911. I thought I was in renal failure and the pain was so perfectly accute. The ambulance arrived and the paramedics were working on me right when my 4 year old Sarah woke up. Yes, she was traumitized for a while to see mommy writhing in pain on the floor while big scary men were rolling her around and putting needles in her arm. Then my friend shows up to take the kids to school and is quite alarmed at the scene. Needless to say, after experiencing pain that sadly didn't kill me, I found out I was passing a kidney stone. I have had 3 c-sections, third degree burns, broken bones and none of it compared to the pain of that microscopic little pebble. While all of this is going on Alan had is cell phone turned off and by the time he got the message, all he know was that I was rushed to the hospital. I did call him later under the influence of morphine and he thought that was pretty funny. He had to check with my friend to see if I was on something. By the time he arrived home that night (9pm), the stone had passed and all was right with the universe again. I told him he is not to leave town again for awhile.
I love your blog and we missed you so much at Ada's birthday! Good luck to Michael on his test. We'll be praying for him. The time will pass quickly and he will be home before you know it. Talk to you soon. Love, Carie

Mom9Grandma31+ said...

Do you know that you have to set up a google account to leave a comment???

I did, I think.

Love you lots!

Everybody's here for my D day party!!

The Player Family said...

Hey darling girl. I hate when Micah leaves. It totally sucks and I only have one kid! Lind you are a trooper. I admire you and your player blood. I love reading your adventures. You are awesome! I miss hanging out with you. Stupid Turkey! Anyways while Mike is gone you should read the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer. I know I am a total nerd but, my friends suggested the book (well they freaking wouldn't stop bugging me about it) and I read them and I loved them! And now am obsessed. I think you will become like me. I read the first book when Micah was gone on some business trip. Kept my mind busy while he was gone. OK I need to go to bed I don't think I am making too much sense. I love you and your beautiful family.


PS. Tell your neighbor to "Go away bad dream." ;)

Dirt Doctor said...

Linda--Laurie Haslam is OK near San Diego, so far. The fires even caused Jamie Lee Curtice to blame the people who built in the brush, rather than President Bush. Somehow Nancy Pelosi was convinced to pull the Armenian resolution from the floor of the House of Representatives. It will not be up for a vote in the full House. Rumors are flying (Michael Savage) that Bush and Putin have agreed on sanctions for Iran in exchange for our delay of construction on missile defenses in Poland. We love you and believe that you will be just fine as soon as those Turkish soldiers are released by the PKK. Love, Dad