Thursday, August 12, 2010

I hear the underworld is a bit chilly this time of year

I feel a deep sense of shame that it has almost been a year since I updated this blog. I will be mature and take a deep breath and bravely admit - it was completely my sister's fault. If she hadn't talked me into joining facebook, I wouldn't have had two things to avoid updating.

Now that I have admitted that she is to blame, I will look for more reasons why it really was a good thing I have ignored my responsibilities as a blogger. Ask yourself, did you really want to hear about my completely ordinary life? While I admit, sitting at the computer would give me another reason to avoid cleaning my house. (And I am always looking for more of those) I don't really feel as though I have much to share in the way of "news". Maybe it is because I tend to think of "news" as something exciting or devastating. The most exciting thing to happen to me this week was finding out the commissary had cabbage back in stock when I had really been craving cole slaw. How depressing is that?

But, my dear friends and family, you asked for it. A few of you (who will not be named) have been bugging me (and by "bugging" I mean "mocking") and asking when I would get this blog going again. As touched as I am, I know better than to think you are waiting on pins and needles for the next chapter in the saga that is my existence. If I am wrong on this point, I feel very, very bad for you and you need more hobbies.

So! Welcome Back to us! We are planning a trip to Sutton Who on Saturday, and I will post photos then. Or not. I could just use this quick, sarcastic post as a way to banish my guilt and ignore this stupid thing for another year....


Dolly said...

How was I to know that you could only handle one task at a time? It is a toss-up on where to show off the family pictures-I personally just flip a coin (Heads-FB Tail-Blog). *Now your next challenge will be Twitter...chirp/chirp!!

Debbie D said...

Welcome to your first post of 2010 :) You are so funny, but in your defense, you've had a busy, and I mean BUSY year. With that being said, there are those of us who check out blogs (almost) daily and LOVE to hear from our friends (hint, hint) and YES, I DO have a life *grin*. By the way I simply adore the new picture. The kids are getting so big and grown up...they are beautiful (as are you, but you always are!) Love ya!

Marlo said...

Yippee! You have returned and now I have one more blog to check yet again (don't let me down, chica!) Soak up the English pseudo-sun for me!

The Valentine's said...

I love that you updated your blog. I missed hearing about your comings and goings. I love the family picture! Tell Michael I want a report on where the Carpenters come from and all of their history in the next blog!

One Cluttered Brain said...

LOL! Did you change your blog?
I C the header has changed...Cool.
I love this snarky post...Blog whenever you can my dear, we will be waiting patiently for more updates..
And Dolly has a point..Your next Social media site to join is Twitter...
Do U have an iphone or blackberry?
I think you would really enjoy that. :)
Love U Linda!

Amanda Bush said...

Love to see you back up online. Would love more news... (fyi: you can txt or email posts to this, as well as blackberry and iphones have great apps) With out my blackberry, id NEVER have time to post!

Anonymous said...

You mean "Sutton HOO?"

You SO don't deserve to live in England ;)