Friday, October 2, 2009

High Speed Internet is proof that our Father in Heaven loves us and wants us to be happy

We are back! It is amazing how much you miss the Internet when you don't have it. I found myself constantly starting for the computer to check something, and then remembering we weren't connected. Anyhow, we have finally found a house and started to get settled in. I will post a picture when we get all the boxes cleared away! =)

But here are the pictures of Bennett's first day that I promised. He was SO excited!

You can tell how nervous he was. (Right.)

Lining up to go inside. I was barely able to get him to wave at me!

Two days after the start of Kindergarten, I actually went back to the states. Can you believe it? And FYI - when you have finished driving through seven countries, and you are in the middle of trying to find a house and arrange your worldly possessions to be delivered to said house, and your kids are starting at a new school and your husband is starting a new job and you are living out of suitcases in a cramped hotel room, that would NOT be the time to take a whirlwind vacation across the ocean. But I am sure you knew that.
Actually it was not a vacation. Sadly, my grandmother passed away. When I heard the news, I must admit that for one brief second, I considered missing the funeral (see the above paragraph and add the fact that I was still not legally able to leave this country, because I was still having my residency paperwork processed). I just didn't think it was going to happen. But I knew I had to try because I needed to be there for my family. (That and I think my mom's head would have exploded if I had told her I wasn't coming - or she would have just come and physically retrieved me.)
Long story short - a lot of miracles happened to make it possible for me to attend. And a lot of people helped us out with the kids. So I was able to go to America just long enough to appear at the funeral and hug some long lost relatives. (And just long enough to get my body clock seriously messed up!) Then, the day after I got back, we moved into our house and had all of our belongings delivered. Yes, I hit the ground running.
So other than unpacking boxes, trying not to lose my mind, and reminding myself that the left-hand lane on the freeway is now the slow lane, that was all that happened while this little blog was silent. I'll keep you posted on further adventures, but it seems that after our Epic Journey, trips to the grocery store are pretty anti-climatic. Well, except when I'm driving. Then they become death defying feats of courage and skill. I am not kidding, this left sided thing is tricky.
Keep thinking of new names for this blog, and let me know when you plan to visit. I expect to see each one of you (just not all at the same time) =)


Blog Buddy said...

This blessing is also evidence that your sister is happy to see you blog! Keep up the good work and tell me your new address and phone# so I can call and bug you all day!!!!

Blog Buddy said...

I have a package sitting in my living room..waiting for an address-so that it can be mailed to Lindiva! Any-day now....♥

The Valentine's said...

I am so sorry to hear about your Grandmother. Glad to have another update. The school photos are priceless. The kids are all growing up way too fast.