Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Me!

It has finally happened! After 13 years of marriage, I got a bedroom set! My dear husband had this set made for me. It is a bit cramped in the room we have now. To give you perspective, I am standing in the doorway taking this picture. Hopefully in our next home, Michael won't have to keep his nightstand in the closet! Now the next step is to get some things to decorate our bare white cement walls....Someday I will have a real house. (sigh)

Okay, so the mattress doesn't fit, but that's an easy fix - and I'm not complaining.
This is one of the best parts about it! Look what the mirror does! Now I can hide all my crap.
I feel so spoiled!


Debbie D said...

It's beautiful! Happy Anniversary :) The mirror is so clever. I too have crap which needs hiding :(

Cassie and Dave said...

Wow, I love it!!! Happy Anniversary!

The Valentine's said...

Congratulations! We too got our first bedroom set last year. I know how excited that can be. It looks beautiful.

Corrie Lynne Player said...

Happy anniversary to you!! Gorgeous, my darling daughter (almost as gorgeous as you).



P.S. Dad just called me on the phone from his Master Singers rehearsal and sang to me something I didn't recognize, but it was mushy and the other guys harmonized. Our anniversary is tomorrow and we're spending the day doing something he won't tell me about. But we'll end up doing sealings in the evening.