Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Final!!

Guess what everyone?! We received notice that we are definitely going to Lakenheath, England next!! We were pretty sure all along, but you never know with the Air Force. =) We leave here August 1st, and we are required to report no later than August 31st.

In between those two dates, we will be packing ourselves into our crossover and driving up through Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria (where I will sing "Edelweiss" just to say I did), Germany, Belgium, (where I will have a waffle - just to say I did), France and then across to Britain.

Michael has already printed stacks of information from Wikipedia and and he is gleefully putting together an itinerary of castles and WWII sites to drag me to. It really brings home the meaning of "a kid in a candy store." Although I must admit, I am excited to see Dracula's castle. And really, I won't be able to complain, I am after all planning on embarrassing him thoroughly with all my ridiculous stereotypical touristy nonsense. Maybe after singing Edelweiss, I will have my children march along the fountain in Mirabell Gardens and sing "Do-Ri-Me" like the von Trapps. But we will see if my dear husband snaps before then.

I can hardly believe we are on the edge of our next big adventure. It seems crazy to me that it has been almost two years! I have to admit I am relieved that this next adventure involves living in an English-speaking country with public toilets that are more than just a hole in the ground.

I'll keep you all posted as our plans solidify. But first, I am concentrating on our trip to Jerusalem. Four weeks and counting!


Micha said...

I, for one, am really hoping for photos, nay- videos, of said cheesy touristy behavior.

Amy said...


Covington Sensation's said...

Yes defintely videos and photos of such cheesy behavior!
When R U coming back to the states?
How long is his duty?

Debbie D said...

Jolly Olde England, eh? What fun words you'll get to use..lift, nappy, bonnet, flat..I'm so excited for you. Have a brilliant day. Cheerio!

Chantell said...
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angie said...

Fun for you!!! I want to come visit. How I wish we could!! My girls would love to see a real castle. Bailey was certain she would see one in Disneyland and I was dissappointed for her when she realized that the castle was just for show.

Corrie Lynne Player said...

WONDERFUL!!! I'll be looking forward to reading about your travels (and your success in embarrassing your honey :)

By the way, thanks for the packet of photos you sent with the TERRIFIC drawings for the family plates, but I REALLY wanted a copy of this latest picture of all six of you! I need it for my brag book. :)


Jennifer said...

Congratuations on the new assignment. I am sure an English speaking country will be refreshing!! You guys are going to see so many fun things!!

Kyle said...

If you can make it to Salzburg, the "Sound of Music" bus tour really is great. It takes all day, and there are sing-a-longs on the bus, but it's actually totally worth it.

Also, any chance to cross into Germany at Fussen will let you visit Neuschwanstein, the so-called "Cinderella Castle." Another must.

Glad to hear you'll soon be back in a first world nation.

Jennifer said...

I heart Edelweiss!

Corrie Lynne Player said...

OK, Linda, it's time to send that darling picture of all six of you to your mother!!


Marie Eisenhower said...

Oh man we are heading there in June so we will miss you guys. How long will you be there? maybe another year. although life will be crazy the next few years and Stefan will be gone pretty much this summer on :-( he comes to England with us then basic training, Job training 6 months active duty then 2 year realease for his mission, then College etc etc etc My Baby Boy is grown and i don't like it too much LOL. You will LOVE England and i will tell you the good non touristy things to check out