Friday, October 10, 2008

Baptism Update

Okay, so you all remember that we had decided on baptising Dallen in the River Jordan in November. Well, plans have changed. After our impromptu trip to Germany, the family budget was a bit strained. We simply cannot turnaround and do another big trip in one months time. We broached the subject of location change with Dallen, and he was crushed. Admittedly, we all still want to make this happen, so we have made the decision to move his baptism date to March 24. What a way for Michael to celebrate his birthday!! The people I have been in touch with in Jerusalem, said that March shouldn't be any colder than November would have been. Besides, the Holy Land in Spring will be awesome, right? Once again, this will be once in a life time. And I promise, this will be the only time we change the date.


Dolly said...

Wish I could be there Lin'...We miss your family! I left you a little bloggy-bling one of my posts. Just look for your name and you can copy/paste it to your blog :) Big Hugs Sis!!!♥

Dolly said...

I mean... "ON" one of my posts-E for Excellent. Check it out!

motherdiva said...

I WISH we could come out for that. I have this problem in that I'll be about to give birth. At least it's a good excuse, right?