Thursday, June 19, 2008

Memiors of a Turkish Resort

This past week-end we went to a beach resort in the little town of Silifke. We went with a bus load of people from the base. We were able to go for 3 days and enjoy the ocean. I am trying to be very diplomatic while I describe my experience there, lest anyone think I am a snotty American. It was very eye-opening. What I would have expected and considered a "resort" was a little different from what we found. The facilities were lovely, but once again, the Turks have a very interesting way of looking at things. For instance, the drain in our shower stopped working and water was pouring out onto the bathroom floor - literally inches deep. When I called the front desk, they assured me they would send someone to look at it. Someone did, and he said, yes the drain was plugged, and yes, water was everywhere, then he left and came back with towels to place around the shower. The housekeepers did us a favor and changed them out each day. This is the way this culture thinks. When the window air conditioner leaks on the bed - you move your bed. Someone in our group complained about the garbage on the beach. When we went out the next day, it was in the water instead. I have decided to think this is all very amusing. Because it doesnt help to get irritated. My friend Ruby and I just kept shaking our heads and laughing. A place that touts thier working hen houses as "a children's petting zoo" would have lasted about 30 seconds in the US. All I am saying is that it sounded very different in the brochure! =)
We did have a fun time. The kids loved the pools and every day at 3pm you could walk down to the beach and get ice cream. (Because, like the brochure said, this was "a all included resorting vacation") I think Hayden actually kept himself alive on ice cream for three days. Luckily, our villa had a kitchenette. Granted it had no pots, pans, plates, utensils, cups, etc. And when I asked why the staff told me it was because food wasn't allowed in there. Upon closer inspection I noticed the stove was basically for decoration. I had brought food, so I decided to pretend I didn't understand Turkish very well and used the "Barbie Dream kitchen" as best I could anyway. It was either that or watch my kids fast for 3 days. We had three meals a day provided, but have any of you tried to get a 19 month old and a four year old to eat goat cheese and olives for breakfast? Mmmm...wake up and smell the goat cheese. By day three, even Michael was digging into the cereal I brought.

So, my family thoroughly enjoyed the week-end, my neat freak self survived it, and we all have some funny stories to tell the grandkids. Hey - and the kids found a turtle. What more do you need out of life?


Dolly said...

Yay!!!! I'm so happy you created a post...all about your resort vacation in Turkey :) I think you should of had Maryn take a picture of you standing next to the Barbie-Dream Kitchen! Now that's what your posterity will be amazed with in the future :) The ice-cream did look tempting though on Hayden! Mmmmmmm....chocolate,my favorite!

JCarpenter said...

I seldom laugh as hard as I do reading your blog. These belly laughs and tears of mirth are doing me a lot of good. I miss you all so much, so I am glad I at least get to see what you all are doing. Save me some of that goat cheese and olives. YUM.
Grandma Janet

Todd and Tammy Smith Family said...

I've enjoyed your post of life outside America. My kids find your stories and pictures facinating. Keep up the great posting.


Carie said...

After living in a hotel for 1 month in January, then living in temp housing before getting into our house, I have become disalutioned with the good life. Glad you had a fun vacation anyway.

Carie said...

I am pretty sure I spelled disalutioned wrong. I would look it up and correct it, but .... I don't know where the dictionary is.